Why Us?

Why Us?

Every real estate transaction centers around one key question; what is the property really worth? Having a representative on your side that can provide this answer will end up saving you time and give you the confidence you need to have the most successful outcome whether you are a seller or buyer.

At Stouffer Properties, value is what we know best! Added as a complementary service to our appraisal division of Stouffer & Associates, our unique combination of sales and appraisal expertise provides our clients with an unmatched level of representation. At Stouffer Properties, we value what you value most!

Our Team


  • Confidence in the price (buyer or seller) based on our combination of sales and appraisal backgrounds.
  • Professional marketing strategy and photography.
  • Square footage confirmation (know exactly what you are buying or selling).
  • The ability to find off-market properties with our broad exposure.
  • Expertise in identifying value-add opportunities.
  • Property tax consultation and advice.

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