Appraisal Services

Stouffer & Associates offers a wide variety of services to meet the different needs of our clients. We provide both residential and commercial expertise, and are one of the few companies in the region to have a full-time research analyst on staff. We perform appraisals across the entire state of Texas. Stouffer serves a diverse clientele including lending institutions, mortgage companies, attorneys, city entities, mortgage brokers and individuals.

  • Real Estate Appraisal

    An appraisal is defined by USPAP as, “the act or process of developing an opinion of value”. The three recognized methods for determining value include the Sales Comparison Approach, Income Approach, and Cost Approach. Based on Standards Rule 2-2 of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), real estate appraisals reports must be prepared as either an Appraisal Report or a Restricted Appraisal Report. The reporting option selected is typically predicated on the determination of the intended user of the appraisal.

  • Brokerage Services

    Experienced buyer and seller representation for residential and commercial properties. Our sales group at Stouffer Properties, is seamlessly integrated with Stouffer & Associates to leverage our expertise in valuation and help clients in many cases find off-market properties, identify market trends and forecasts, and help recognize and locate value-add opportunities. At Stouffer Properties, we offer complete client representation that is unmatched in today’s market.

  • Consultation

    Consultations are performed for numerous reasons and include providing assistance to clients for due diligence, feasibility studies, market surveys, fundamental market analysis studies, oil & gas surface disruption studies, diminution in value studies, etc.

  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support

    With nine (9) MAI designated appraisers, Stouffer & Associates, LLP is equipped to give expert testimony on behalf of our clients in a court of law.  Reliability of expert testimony is based on these four conditions: testing, peer review, error rates, and acceptability in the relevant community.  Expert witness and litigation support has been provided for clients regarding divorce settlement proceedings, stigma cases, estates, partnership disputes, and many others.

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    Ad Valorem Tax Analysis

    In Texas, county appraisal districts are tasked with determining the taxable value for each property. If the owner disagrees with the estimate provided by the respective county, remedies are available from the Property Tax Code and focus on two issues: Market Value and Equal & Uniform appraisals. Over the years, Stouffer & Associates, LLP has represented a multitude of clients for both residential and commercial properties with both Market Value and Equal & Uniform appraisals. Considered to be an ever-growing valuation dispute, our highly experienced and qualified appraisal team has a continued track record of success in this arena.

  • Condemnation

    Condemnation is the act or process of enforcing the right of eminent domain which is the right of the government to take private property for public use upon the payment of just compensation. Our firm has assisted in cases for both private property owners and condemning authorities.

  • Portfolio Valuations

    Based on the number, experience, and qualifications of our appraisers, Stouffer & Associates, LLP can easily handle large portfolio valuations. Our size allows for quality control, cost savings, and quicker completion times for these large assignments. Portfolio valuation assignments have been performed for large high-profile estates, trusts, divorces settlements, and numerous other entities which have continued to be impressed with our ability to handle these large and often challenging assignments.

  • Market Rent Studies

    Often falling within the consultation practice area of the firm, Stouffer & Associates, LLP can assist with the analysis regarding the most probable rent that a property should bring in a competitive and open market reflecting all conditions and restrictions of the lease agreement, including permitted uses, use restrictions, expense obligations, term, concessions, renewal and purchase options, and tenant improvements.

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