Marty Salinas, Managing Director- Houston

Marty Salinas, MAI
Managing Director- Houston

Arturo M. “Marty” Salinas is a designated member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) and Certified General Appraiser with 15+ years of continuous valuation experience. Mr. Salinas joined Stouffer & Associates in 2021 and serves as the Managing Director of the Houston location.

While he has recently focused his attention to the regional Houston area, Marty has experience appraising properties in 15 states and several locations throughout Mexico. He has held vice president positions with national firms including CBRE, Inc. and NAI Partners where he specialized in appraising income-producing properties. He has completed the Argus Enterprise software certification and is adept at appraising institutional core properties.

Marty’s primary practice areas include: commercial lending, general consulting, financial reporting, litigation, and estate planning. Additionally, he has experience working for law firms, appraisal management companies, banks, federal institutions, investment funds, and private owners. While Marty has traditionally produced appraisals, he has significant experience working for banks as a third-party external reviewer.

In his spare time, Marty stays busy with his wife attending the sporting events of their four children and can also be heard on the loudspeaker announcing games at the Houston Polo Club.

  • Vacant land/residential and commercial
  • Retail Buildings/Shopping Centers, etc.
  • Ground leases/Billboards
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Mixed-use
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Religious Facilities
  • Farm and Ranch properties (large and small acreage tracts)
  • Apartments/Multi-family projects
  • All Office Building types including high rises
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Condominiums (Industrial and Office)
  • Special Purpose properties
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Rental Analysis
  • MAI (Designated by the Appraisal Institute) – Member # 489332 (11/22/2019)
  • State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser – Certificate No. TX-1380019-G (2012)
  • Texas A&M University – B.S. Agricultural Economics 2006
  • That’s a Violation (McKissock, 2022)
  • Complex Properties: The Odd Side of Appraisal (McKissock, 2022)
  • The Basics of Expert Witness for Commercial Appraisers (McKissock, 2022)
  •  Market Disturbances-Appraisals in Atypical Markets and Cycles (McKissock, 2022)
  • Small Hotel/Motel Valuation (Appraisal Institute, 2020)
  • Analyzing Operating Expenses (Appraisal Institute, 2020)
  • Rates and Ratios: Making Sense of GIMs, OARs, and DCF (Appraisal Institute, 2020)
  • General Demonstration Report Writing (Appraisal Institute, 2019)
  • Advanced Land Valuation: Sound Solutions to Perplexing Problems (Appraisal Institute, 2018)
  • Transferred Value (Appraisal Institute, 2018)
  • Raise Your Appraiser IQ (Appraisal Institute, 2018)
  • 7-Hour National USPAP Update (Appraisal Institute, 2018)
  • Advanced Income Capitalization (Appraisal Institute, 2018)
  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation (Appraisal Institute, 2017)
  • Quantitative Analysis (Appraisal Institute, 2016)
  • Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use (Appraisal Institute, 2016)
  • Advanced Concepts & Case Studies (Appraisal Institute, 2015)
  • Advanced Income Capitalization (Appraisal Institute, 2014)
  • Business Practices and Ethics (Appraisal Institute, 2014)
  • Appraising the Appraisal: Appraisal Review-General (Appraisal Institute, 2012)
  • Seller Concessions (Appraisal Institute, 2012)
  • Effective Rent (Appraisal Institute, 2012)
  • Staying out of Trouble in your Appraisal Practice (Appraisal Institute, 2012)
  • Quality Assurance (Appraisal Institute, 2012)
  • General Appraiser Site Valuation & Cost Approach (Appraisal Institute, 2010)
  • General Appraiser Sales Comparison Approach (Appraisal Institute, 2010)
  • General Appraiser Income Approach/Part 2 (Appraisal Institute, 2008)
  • General Appraiser Income Approach/Part 1 (Appraisal Institute, 2010)
  • General Appraiser Report Writing and Case Studies (Appraisal Institute, 2009)
  • General Appraiser Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use (Appraisal Institute, 2010)
  • Real Estate Finance, Statistics, and Valuation Modeling (Appraisal Institute, 2008)
  • 15-Hour National USPAP Course  (Appraisal Institute, 2006)


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